My philosophy

Pepepictures specializes in documentary style wedding photography. I do what I love - and love what I do. This includes making sure your special day stays in your memories forever. One word to describe my work? Timeless.

I work with several other well known photographers in Boston and New-York and regularly travel to wherever you are. I am layed-back, opened, enthusiastic and fun to work with (at least that's what my clients tell me :-)). Of course, you'll notice my french accent, but that shouldn't spill on your pictures...

On the technical side of things: I shoot Canon because - well - it's the best! But as we say, a nice typewriter never wrote an great book - the same is true for photography - even the best camera will never capture the amazing shot you are looking for. That's where I believe I make a difference.

For those of you who enjoy numbers, I use state-of-the art gear - two 5DmarkIII bodies with professional L-serie lenses (although this is probably on the very bottom of your to-worry-about list right now).

I can talk about photography forever, but what really matters is you and if you feel the 'vibe'. The best way to find out? Contact me and we will schedule an appointment!